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The best non-P2W, player centered strategic city building idle game. Grow your city, collect power-ups and become the mightiest landlord! Join us now!

The Universe of Pandion Awaits You

Grow your OWN empirE

After the collapse of the Ruon empire you find yourself in one of the three remaining kingdoms trying to make a name for yourself. Your first city starts from the small land that the ruler has given to you in exchange for your services.

You will be collecting resources (food, wood, stone, and gold) in order to upgrade your settlement. Once the settlement is self-sustaining, you can venture out and found a new city.


A growing empire never sleeps. Being a leader has its own benefits, as you don't have to supervise every tiny bit to keep things running.

Feel free to take breaks, production will be taken care of. Just make sure you upgrade your warehouses, so there is place to stockpile the resources.


While searching for the perfect location of your new city, you will meet Lorekeepers. Lorekeepers are knowledgable people as they were in charge of the Imperial Library back in the Ruon empire. They are willing to share their knowledge with you, in the form of Unique Hexes. These are special tiles with knowledge infused, making them capable of altering the environment.

Whenever you found a new city, you get Bonus Efficiency based on your previous City's Might, which will help you grow even faster.

Every new city starts with a new randomly generated map and a random draw of three starting Unique Hexes from your gathered collection to help you grow your new city in various ways.

Planned Features

With close to non-existing budgets, we couldn't fit everything into the initial release.

But these are the things we are working on after release:

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If you like being super early
and to grow with a game

Choose your side


The legacy that Rhalvur left behind emphasized that security was something that had to be continually renewed and strengthened because one’s adversaries would be constantly probing for weaknesses.


Galdhein's teachings focus on having a reciprocal relationship with the natural world and his people have taken this to heart. They seek to increase their territory not to exploit it but to preserve it from rapacious exploiters.


Yionnelia and her people simply want to connect all people of the world through the bonds of trade. Shrewd and cunning, the people of Yionnelia always seek the deals that benefit them the most and can extract the most wealth of any deal.

A note from the creators

Three years ago we, two university students set out to create a fun and chill game for the player community, uniting multiple genres
but more importantly, putting the player and their experience in focus.

Our aim is to cultivate an environment where all players can hang out and immerse in the intricate and endless stories we craft together, so we can spend some time away from the stressful everydays around us  this game is just the beginning of that. Join us and be part of growing this universe together!

We would like to show you what we have been working on, and hear from you what you think.
Not only is this your invite to the world where we can craft endless stories together, but to the journey of developing a game together.