The Unique Hex Collection and the Lorekeepers

Each Unique Hex represent a piece of knowledge from the Ruon era. Fortunately, even though the Ruon Empire collapsed when the siblings (Rhalvur, Galdhein, and Yionnelia) turned against each other, the amassed knowledge is still around as it has written records in the Imperial Library.

Less fortunately, the Lorekeepers responsible for mainting the Imperial Library fled with all the written knowledge fearing that one of the siblings would acquire the knowledge before others and use it for evil. The Lorekeepers now live in tribes scattered around the land, and will share their knowledge whenever you meet them during founding a new city, resulting in an addition to your Unique Hex Collection.

You will be able to apply your accumulated knowledge throughout your gameplay in your cities, by placing these Unique Hexes on the red-colored Shrine tiles.

Once your collection starts growing, in the Fusion tab you will be able to sacrifice some Unique Hexes to empower other ones, strengthening their power and increasing their level.

Rhalvurian Unique Hexes


Immediately unlocks 1/2/3/4 nearby tiles.

Range 1

Marching Camp

Occupies a nearby tile every 8/6/4/2 hours.

Range 1

Outcast Watchtower

Sees 1/2/3/4 tiles further into the fog.

Clear Sight X

Galdheinese Unique Hexes


Increases nearby stone production by 10/20/30/40%.

Range 1


Increases nearby food production by 10/20/30/40%.

Range 1


Increases nearby wood production by 10/20/30/40%.

Range 1

Yionnelian Unique Hexes

Architects' Guildhouse

Upgrades a nearby building every 8/6/4/2 hours.

Range 2

Tavern of Exchange

You can exchange 1 hex in your hand for a random one every 8/6/4/2 hours.

Suspend 1

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Clear Sight X
Reveals  X extra tiles

Range X
Affects tiles within X distance

Suspend X
The unique hexes are unavailable until you found a new city

You can activate the hex's effects once its timer expires